Taiheiyo Art Association

The Taiheiyo Art Association has led the Japanese art world with traditional and progressive spirit.

History of Taiheiyo Art Association


The Meiji Art Society, predecessor of Taiheiyo Art Association, was established in Meiji 22 (1889), which was the very first European Art Society in Japan. In 1902, it was renamed Taiheiyo European Art Society and changed again the name in 1957 to the current Taiheiyo Art Association. The institute turned out many art genius during the period of time and left a major mark on the Japanese modern European art history. The Association used to have its own art school which is now called Art Research Institute from which many talented artists have appeared up to the present. Taiheiyo Art Association is the pioneer of many European art societies in Japan and keep moving forward to new age preserving the tradition and heritage.

  • Chu ASAi▲Chu ASAI
  • Hakutei ISHII▲Hakutei ISHII
  • Fusetsu NAKAMURA▲Fusetsu NAKAMURA
  • Hanjiro SAKAMOTO▲Hanjiro SAKAMOTO
  • Rokuzan OGIWARA▲Rokuzan OGIWARA

Open Call for The Taiheiyo Art Exhibition

Whoever aim new expression in representational or abstract art, all are welcome!

The Taiheiyo Art Exhibition is hosted by the Taiheiyo Art Association to contribute to the development of the art. It is held at The National Art Center, Tokyo each year in May.

If you are interested in exhibiting your works, please request Taiheiyo Art Association for an exhibition proposal form.
The works shown below are some of the awarded works in the past.
  • awarded works
  • awarded works
  • awarded works

Invitation to Taiheiyo Art Research Institute

For those who aim professional formative artist or learn art technical skills for lifelong learning, we provide each person with the best parallel training respecting for individual’ s personality from basic to expertise:

  • Painting Class: Regular course, Study course
  • Painting Lesson: Saturday course, Sunday course
  • Sculpture: Regular course, Study course
  • Dyeing & Wearing: Any time
  • Print: Thursday course , Saturday course
  • Croquis: Saturday 1:00p.m.~ (Anyone can join with easy checkin.)
  • Sculpture class▲Sculpture
  • Painging class▲Painting
  • Print class▲Print (Woodblock・etching)

For more information

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